Why DreamFire Ventures?

Differentiated, High-Quality Deal Flow

Access to the most highly intelligent, highly accomplished entrepreneurs with the ability to innovate and move quickly to exploit new opportunities and create significant value for investors.

The ventures form very unique ecosystems in the fields of behavioral engineering and integrated asset management. The intrinsic intellectual property in the incubated ecosystem is protected through patents and exclusive worldwide licenses and options for the inventions.

Our resilient ecosystem is inspired by the Nature's business principles - resilient, optimising, adaptive, systems-based, values-led, and life supporting.

DreamFire Ventures Ecosystem

Risk Diversified

By carefully selecting a diverse portfolio of ventures from multiple industries we reduce the unsystematic risks. The portfolio comprises of ventures in different stages to reduce the risk of liquidation. Investing in a portfolio that builds an ecosystem mitigates risks involved with ideas, people and markets.

Multiple Industry Applications

Behavioral engineering has applications in driving consumer loyalties in a multitude of customer facing industries - hospitality, travel, retail, finance etc. In knowledge and services industries, the competitive advantage of the firms come from the ability to attract and retain talent. Behavioral engineering has direct applications in improving employee loyalties. DreamFire Interactive has deep consulting experience working with fortune 100 firms in employee loyalty programs. Refer EMC Casestudy

Large Addressable Markets

Every portfolio company of DreamFire Ventures has a large addressable market waiting to penetrate.  The combined value proposition of the synergistic ventures creates an irresistible offering to the potential clients while leveraging the B2B and B2C sales experience of the management team.


Addressable Market Size


US$ 17.2 Billion

IDC Financial Insights

US$ 1.3 Billion Derived based on assumptions and IDC Financial Insights report

US$ 22 Billion

Based on market analysis of Square, VISA and Chase Paymenttech

US$  1.5 Billion Based on market analysis of Loopnet, Zillow and Trulia
US$  42 Billion Forrester Research


Strategic Alliances

DreamFire Interactive is a worldwide business partner to technology majors like IBM & Oracle. IBM, a proven leader in delivering on demand information technology services, has extensive experience in designing and implementing end-to-end wireless solutions to solve real business problems -- around the world and across many industries.

By combining DreamFire’s in-depth industry knowledge with Oracle’s comprehensive suite of technology solutions, our ventures gain a streamlined, enterprise-wide approach to address their business issues, reduce costs, and optimize performance.

Deep Engineering Experience

As emerging fund managers our performance persistence will be largely based on specific skills. DreamFire Interactive is founded in 2004 by a group of highly motivated entrepreneurs. DreamFire has a remarkable practice in the field of business and technology consulting. DreamFire's profiled clientele include Mercedes-Benz, the United Nations, EMC Corporation, Barclays Bank, Insperity, the Government of India etc. This deep background in consulting and engineering privides us invaluable insights into enterprise IT landscape, trends and consumer behavior.

Managers with successful track records

Our team adds value in a variety of ways including sector expertise, agility, effective abandonment option exercise, and skill and access to networks for achieving exits by IPO and acquisition. Our ecosystem of ventures is based on an underlying philosophy and our managers translate this philosophy into a portfolio.