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John Prince

Managing Director and General Partner
Venture Capital is about dreams. Usually, start-ups do not work out the way they are imagined. Investing in a portfolio that builds an ecosystem mitigates risks involved with ideas, people and markets.

John Prince is a General Partner at DreamFire Ventures. He is an entrepreneur turned venture capitalist. He co-founded DreamFire Interactive in 2004. Following the acquisition of DreamFire Interactive in 2007 by S.Lad Group - a large business conglomerate headquartered in Bangalore - he joined its flagship portfolio company Augen Technologies in a CIO role to manage its Aerospace and Automotive practices. In 2009, following a corporate restructuring he joined DreamFire Interactive as its Managing Director. During this time he supervised the technology portfolio of S.Lad Group while reporting directly to the Chairman.

John has remarkable experience with tech startups. He mentors select startups in New York. He is a leading digital media strategist and works with some of the revered fortune 100 brands. He holds a Master of Computer Applications from Mumbai University and a Master of Business Law from the prestigious National Law School of India University (NLSIU), Bangalore.