DreamFire Xperience to partner with Mark Fasciano of Fatwire Software to build next gen Web Experience Management solutions

Monday, February 11, 2013


DreamFire Xperience, Inc has announced that it has partnered with Mark Fasciano of FatWire Software for building the future of Web Experience Management Solutions to global companies.

DreamFire Ventures LP is the lead investor in DreamFire Xperience, Inc. DreamFire Ventures is the venture capital arm of DreamFire, which has a strategic partnership with Oppenheimer. Oppenheimer is the primary fund manager and custodian of DreamFire Ventures LP. DreamFire Ventures is aggressively building a portfolio of companies that cover the entire gamut of user acquisition, behavior engineering and monetization. This partnership will provide Web Experience Management Solutions to global corporations with multiple assets and product lines.

“With a strong offshore engineering arm providing abundance of right skills at the right cost and leveraging the deep consulting experience of Mark Fasciano, DreamFire Xperience will be a one-stop solution for 21st century marketers”, said John Prince, Managing Director and General Partner of DreamFire Ventures. “There is a need to prove ROI on campaigns, substantiate variable marketing spend while being differentiated. DreamFire Xperience aims to bridge the gap for marketers and make their job more predictable”.

DreamFire Xperience focuses on Engagement, emphasizing the experience of customers. The aim is to go beyond the traditional customer-driven approach to a customer-centric strategy. Customers no longer appreciate being grouped as “customers”; they are neutral or hostile towards traditional access to information via flashy static web pages, mailing lists, newsletter or standardized subscriptions. Customers expect to be treated as “I”, the individual. Personalized access, explicit or implicit targeting, history, preferences, known and captured characteristics to deliver contextually relevant content to the individual customer becomes highly critical. Targeting, analyzing, converting and interacting with customers improves – site stickiness, conversions and customer loyalty.

“I have admired John’s work in building DreamFire’s portfolio, and the goals of DreamFire Xperience are a very natural extension of the original vision of FatWire we had from the very beginning. Our goal with DreamFire Xperience is to bring a combination of experience and innovation to companies looking to deploy world-class customer experience solutions.

Mark Fasciano joins the DreamFire Xperience Board of Directors and will help lead the company direction. Mark has intricate knowledge of FatWire Software, a Web Experience Management platform, from product inception & design to more than 400 customer deployments. Mark personally led the acquisition of customers such as General Motors, Ford Motor Corp, Chanel, JPMorgan Chase, New York Times, Best Buy, Banco Santander, Allied Irish Bank and NYSE while he was the CEO of FatWire Software. Oracle acquired FatWire Software in 2011 and it continues to be a leading vendor for WCM / WEM globally.


About DreamFire Ventures:

DreamFire Ventures is the VC arm of DreamFire which is incubating this venture. DreamFire Ventures consists of a portfolio of companies that collectively drive favorable user behavior for businesses and governments. These risk diversified portfolios of ventures are aligned to the market forces to establish a leading market position, protect that position and maximize value creation. The portfolio addresses large and diversified markets, capability to acquire clients through collective synergistic strengths, cross-selling opportunities within the portfolio and a team with proven track record.


About Mark Fasciano:

Mark started FatWire Software in 1996 and grew the company to 150 employees in 9 countries around the world with over $30 million in sales. He won customers such as Ford Motor Company and GM, JP Morgan Chase, Best Buy and the New York Times. He originally helped build the early versions of FatWire's first Content Management system, but as CEO he focused primarily on the strategic business, including raising over $30M of venture capital. In 2003, Mark led the acquisition of the Content Management (Open Market) business from Divine. FatWire Software was acquired by Oracle in 2011.