Integrated Asset Management

FinTec's Transformative Vision

FinTec is a unique, fully integrated asset management solution that combines predictive risk analytics with portfolio management, trading and operations tools to support a consistent, efficient and controlled investment process for the long-term success of asset managers. FinTec enables asset managers create significantly higher alpha through multifactor mathematical modeling using machine learning algorithms. The integrated platform reduces transaction costs and exceptions while bringing every internal and external stakeholder together to improve financial truthfulness, accountability and compliance. FinTec design team involves Bud Mishra, Charles Delisi, Marti Subrahmaniyam and John Prince and it has a world-wide, exclusive IP licensing agreement with the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences.
Executive oversight: As a comprehensive platform, FinTec provides a centralized database for maintaining financial information including positions, transactions, prices, security data and analytics.
Portfolio & Risk Analysis: The patent pending PADMA manages a multitude of portfolio modelling algorthms to forecast the risks using a wide spectrum of honest signals.
The order fulfillment module provides order management, pre-trade compliance, placements and STP to brokers & ECNs.

The Universe

The Integrated Suite


PADMA - Algorithm Manager


Algorithm Market Place