Submit Your Business Plan

Your business plan should contain:

  • description of the company's product or service
  • analysis of the market, including target customers and competition
  • marketing strategy, including pricing and distribution
  • description of operations, including headcount requirements
  • financial projections
  • investment needed
  • key milestones for measuring success
  • contact information

We review all business plans submitted, so please be patient if we don't respond immediately. We will follow up in writing, usually by email. If we are interested, we may request additional information, including possibly inviting you to come in and present to our team. Please have a powerpoint presentation prepared for the meeting, if one is requested.

We do not sign NDAs. Our reputation depends on our professionalism and our ability to maintain the trust of the entrepreneurs with whom we work. We will take care to keep your materials confidential.

We look forward to reviewing your plan!